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Stamping technology for component labelling

Professional stamping technology makes it possible to add not only figures, numbers or symbols, but also beads and knobs to sheet metal components  so that they remain visible even after the painting process.

TÜNKERS offers a broad range of toggle units and C-brackets starting from the smallest clamp in the series.

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Vibration analysis of robotic gripper systems

Vibrations are critical, especially when permanent breaks in connecting structures must be expected in robotic gripper systems. This is even more problematic as the new generation of robots enables speeds that lead to extreme deformation and vibration even with proper programming. Experience made in the last two years has shown that damage occurs particularly frequently with large gripper systems such as side panel or underbody grippers.

In order to analyse weaknesses before they occur, we now offer a vibration analysis. A special sensor measures the frequency and amplitude of vibrations over a period of xx hours, predicting the damage to be expected from this analysis. Of course, this analysis also includes a gripper optimization to make the operation of these structures safe in the long term.

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Complete range of U-series clamps

U 40 with manual locking, U 80 and KSU 125 – from the gripper clamp up to a compact swivel clamp,  the U-series offers the right solution for all requirements in assembly line construction.

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In New Year it is time to transform ahead. So, we bring you new product segments (downloads, technical data, product videos ...), comfortable navigation and new design of our webpage. Since the beginning of the year, the new homepage of EXPERT-TÜNKERS has been online and can now be accessed at

It is based on the TÜNKERS layout and thus designed in a contemporary way. The content is currently available in German and English.

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